The University of the Third Age and Spare Time (UTETD) was established in 1979. It provides lifelong learning opportunities, offering people the chance to keep on learning through the different stages of their life and enriching their knowledge, skills and attitudes in order to make the most of the environment they live in.

UTETD is operative on all the territory of Trentino: the contribution of the local Administrations and, in some cases, of the Valley Communities  (Comunità di Valle),  made it possible to have as many as 82 UTETD centers spread all over the provincial territory. There is a total number of 5000 users, 1600 of which in the sole city of Trento, where UTED activities are  partially funded by the Municipality of Trento.

Since the establishment of UTETD, The Autonomous Province of Trento has also been playing  an important role in supporting it and has deemed it one of the most significant providers of lifelong learning services.

The smallest  learning center on the provincial territory has an enrollment of 25 people, while the biggest one has an enrollment of about 300.

Anyone aged 35 or more can enroll. The average age of the members is 65.

Women represent 80% of UTED members.

The teachers are 350, with more than 800 different courses organized.

The founders’ mission still represents the cornerstone for all UTETD activities: to offer  anyone willing to a real opportunity for keeping, developing and getting back their ability to make decisions about themselves.

Over 30 years of experience have proved that education and culture help people develop their ability to socialize, exchange views and express their ideas. But not only: in fact, they can also foster people’s sense of belonging to their own time, encourage them to take the reins of their life and finally they can enable them to make a valuable contribution to the local community they live in.