About us

The Franco Demarchi Foundation was established on the 19th of January 2013, taking over the Regional Institute for Social Studies and Research (IRSRS) and developing its expertise. The purpose of the Foundation is to recognize and value the long standing  experience gained through the years, which is also full of meaning for the local community of Trentino. The Foundation promotes and delivers, both directly and not, education, training and social-educational and cultural research, giving a new lease of life to the development of the local communities, and supporting and improving competencies of both operators and common people.

The Foundation also pursues generic interests for the public  benefit. Two are the distinctive features of the Foundation: first and foremost, training and research have been conveniently combined in order to ensure a continuous mutual enrichment: training is enhanced by the research results at the same time as research draws motivation from the surrounding environment and is enriched by the communities of practice launched by the training. Secondly, but of no less importance, the Foundation is a place for people to meet, share, interact and reflect; a place for innovation and validation open to everyone involved in the complex socio-educative and cultural network, such as public institutions, private social services, volunteers, common people and families.

The Foundation is active in the following fields:

  • Continuing education, education and lifelong learning
  • Vocational training and high-skill vocational training  for careers in Social Services, Health and Social Care, Health Education and Social Education
  • Applied research, with focus on action research
  • Support activity to the field testing of services
  • Reporting, informing and disseminating research outcomes
  • Consultancy  service